Effective July 4, 2022

(Includes diapers, food, formula)
Full time                         $350.00
*Sick Credit                    $330.00

(Includes diapers, noon meal, two daily snacks)
Full time                         $320.00
*Sick Credit                    $300.00

(Includes noon meal, two daily snacks)
Full time                         $295.00
*Sick Credit                    $275.00

*Missing three or more days in one week due to illness
***Part time care is at the discretion of the director


Fees are due Monday of the week of care. Please make checks payable to Concordia University. If the tuition is not received by Friday of the week in which it is due, a $5.00 per day fee will be added to your account. Online payments need to be submitted no later than 3:00 pm on Wednesday of the week of care to allow time for Concordia to receive notice of payment by Friday.


After acceptance into Hand in Hand and determination of the entrance date of the child, the registration fee of $75.00 and the first two weeks of tuition are due. This is a non-refundable deposit to hold the child’s place in the center. This tuition payment will be credited toward the first two weeks of the child’s attendance.


Full weekly fees will be assessed for children missing one or two days due to illness. Children who miss three or more days during the same week due to illness will be assessed the sick credit rate.


A space allowance (vacation) of two weeks per calendar year is provided to insure that a child’s place remains even while not present. These two weeks must be used in consecutive days, five days at a time. Children enrolled after July 1st of the current calendar year are entitled to one week of vacation allowance for that calendar year.

Any questions you may have concerning the above fees and policies may be brought to the attention of the director.